TRAILER PARK: Echoes of Fear (2018)

Echoes of Fear (2018)

Having all been confined to them for the past few months, we may feel we know our homes like the back of our hands ……. but do we?

Echoes of Fear – the new haunted house chiller written by Brian Avenet-Bradley, and co-directed with his wife Laurence – hailed for its cinematography and Japan’esque horror, looks set to shed new light on housebound thrillers, and the environments that we have all been unable to escape from recently.

Trista Robinson, in Echoes of Fear (2018)

Featuring a delightfully edgy performance by actress Trista Robinson as a young woman who inherits a house with dark secrets following the death of her grandfather, Echoes of Fear will be released in the UK digitally from July 20th, and on DVD from August 3rd, 2020. You’ve been warned ………

Trista Robinson and friend, in Echoes of Fear (2018)

Echoes of Fear (2018)

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