Trailer Park: Ethan Hawke Stars in Nick Hornby Adaptation Juliet, Naked


You’re a discerning film fan, so you’ve likely heard of the Star Trek movie rule: the odd numbered films are bad, and the even ones uniformly good.

I’d like to offer my spin on that tried-and-tested truism, with regards to cinematic adaptations of Nick Hornby books: for every bad one we get, we’re due to good ones. By that logic, Juliet, Naked should be a smash!

Following Fever Pitch (bad), High Fidelity (good), About A Boy (good) and A Long Way Down (oh-so-bad), the fifth film to be taken from a Hornby novel has certainly got a lot going for it. We don’t talk about the Americanised Fever Pitch remake around here, FYI.

Directed — perhaps appropriately — by former Lemonheads guitarist Jesse Peretz (Girls, Our Idiot Brother), Juliet, Naked stars Chris O’Dowd as deadbeast muso Duncan, whose obsession over cult singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke) drives a wedge between him and long-term girlfriend Annie (Rose Byrne).

So far, so High Fidelity. The twist in the tale comes when Annie develops an unlikely romance with Tucker after slagging of a collection of newly-released demos of his most popular album in a review on Duncan’s otherwise-fawning Crowe fansite.

The film’s first trailer, which you can watch below, also features Lily Newmark, Megan Dodds and some delightful picturesque helicopter shots of Juliet, Naked‘s seaside setting.

Juliet, Naked will be released in UK cinemas on the 2 November 2018.

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