Attack of the Adult Babies (2018) Review


So you’ve read the title and your mind has probably been made up about the film.  Perhaps the title has intrigued you and you’re wondering if this would appeal to you.  Or maybe you think its one to completely avoid.  Well, Attack of the Adult Babies (2018) isn’t a film with just one string to its bow, in fact, it features quite an intricate plot with some surprises along the way.

An average family’s board-game session gets rudely interrupted by a shocking home invasion by two people who sound an awful lot like Gru from Despicable Me.  But this isn’t just an ordinary home invasion – the criminals force three of the frightened family members to break into a remote country manor and steal Top Secret documents.  Where are the adult babies, I hear you ask…we’ll get to them in a minute.Attack of the Adult Babies

The manor and its grounds look immaculate and beautiful- I guess that happens when it was shot entirely on location at Broughton Hall in Skipton, West Yorkshire.  Little do the three know, but this gorgeous location is also the clandestine venue of a group of high-powered who go to dress up in nappies while being indulged by a bevy of beautiful nurses.  Cue soiled nappy changes, bottles of milk being fed and even a cute bed-time story and moments of sheer confusion mixed with disgust.

That’s just the beginning of things – the plot thickens with knowledge and discovery of what is in the basement. Always the basement…probably best to avoid those places.  With links to the world’s economy, gold production and pigs, Attack of the Adult Babies is filled with bloody carnage (knitting needles should never be used like that) and freaky weirdness. There’s also some fantastic in-jokes and references…and a cheeky nod to Night of the Living Dead which did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.Attack of the Adult Babies

The stand-out moment surely comes towards the end with the inclusion of a fantastic animated scene from the Claymation maestro Lee Hardcastle.  Exceedingly entertaining and juicy to watch, I would have loved more of that sequence.

It is clear to see that the whole team had a lot of fun whilst filming this and that comes through in the performances of the cast.  The practical effects are also suitably gory and unexpected. Especially memorable is the chainsaw incident; just don’t stand behind a door again!

Attack of the Adult Babies isn’t a triple-A horror film but it is an entertaining romp with some nice twists to the home-invasion genre.  A perfect film for late-night viewing and something worth indulging in if you’re looking for something which isn’t offensive but has a bit of sex, gore and shite.  Plenty of shite.

Making its way from Frightfest,  Attack of the Adult Babies is available from June 18th here.

DIRECTOR: Dominic Brunt
STARS: Kurtis Lowe, Andrew Dunn, Andy Abrahams, Sally Dexter
RUNTIME: 1 hour 24 minute

Film Rating: ★★★☆☆



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