EIFF 2016: 2 Nights Till Morning (2015)


Remember Two Night Stand, which came out in 2014? It was a film starring Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller as two youngsters who had a disastrous one night stand and were then forced to spend a second night together due to extreme weather conditions. Just try to remember it now, even though it’s one that’s all too easy to forget.

In 2 Nights Till Morning Marie-Josee Croze and Mikko Nousiainen play Caroline and Jaakko, two people who have a one night stand, and who then end up spending a second night together due to extreme weather conditions (okay, it’s an ash cloud stopping all flights for a day, but it’s close enough). Thankfully, the rest of the movie doesn’t play out in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do enough to be as superior to the teen flick as it should be.

Written and directed by Mikko Kuparinen, this feels very much like a teen movie that happens to feature adults. Caroline is an older woman who doesn’t seem all that happy in herself. Jaakko has reached a good place in his life, and wants Caroline to admit that the two of them made an unusual connection during their first moments together. Oh, and Caroline is an architect while Jaakko is a bit of a superstar DJ.

The two central performances here are what saves the film, with Croze an interesting and confused mix of appeal and defensiveness while Nousiainen easily makes his character as likable as he’s supposed to be. Things may border on parody at times in the second half of the movie, but the fault doesn’t lie with the cast. Arly Jover also does well with her rather small, but important, role.

This is a film with a point to make, about what it takes to connect with people and also what it takes to keep distant from them, but that point is made within the first 20 minutes, which leaves the remaining hour with a lot of time to fill and nothing else to say. Which is a shame, because it would have only taken one or two other strands to make this into a more enjoyable viewing experience. Other than the sadly average final cut that we get here.

Still, I’ll probably see a remake if they get Sandra Bullock and Zak Efron together for it. Although everyone else might complain that a studio is so lacking in ideas that it has decided to remake Two Night Stand.

2 Nights Till Morning is showing at 2045 on 18th June, and 1315 on 19th June, both screenings at Odeon 4.


Film Rating: ★★½☆☆

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