Robin’s Wish – Film Review


“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humour and hurt”. Robin’s Wish takes a walk down this thin line to tell the powerful true story of actor/comedian Robin Williams’ final days.

In August 2014, the world was shocked to find out that Robin Williams had died by suicide. However no one knew how much more there was to the story. Left to speculate on Robin’s motives, the media circus spun out further and further, leaving the public in the dark about a complicated
and obscured truth: Robin — bright, funny, quick witted — had lost a battle against an unknown enemy: the nearly impossible to diagnose degenerative brain disease Lewy body dementia.

The documentary speaks to those who knew and loved him. His wife Susan Schneider Williams, his neighbours, close friends and colleagues. Together they paint a vivid yet intimate portrait of his physical and mental state in the days leading to his death.

Clips and archive footage showcase the comedy genius. The talking heads give us a glimpse of the man behind the myth and the legend.

Robin was a man who could do it all. He could make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us cry with laughter. This touching tribute does the same.

Director Tylor Norwood and Robin’s wife Susan are the driving force behind the film. The well-loved comedian was no stranger to troubles with drugs and alcohol. He was also outspoken on his struggles with addiction. Their wish with the documentary is to set the story straight. To let the world know that the actor’s tragic cut to black was not because of a relapse but due to a struggle with an undiagnosed disease. To raise awareness of Lews body dementia. So that Robin’s legacy, beyond his incredible pantheon of film roles and stand up comedy, may lie in the treatment and potential cure of the disease.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

ROBIN’S WISH is out now on Digital and On Demand on all major platforms. For more information please go to

Director: Tylor Norwood
Stars: Susan Schneider Williams, Shawn Levy, Rick Overton, David E. Kelley
Runtime: 77 minutes
Country: USA

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