Become a Better Bettor: Learning from the Best Gambling Films


Let’s be real: we have learned a lot of things from films. Films represent a large portion of our lives and it is only natural to learn a lesson from any (well, good) film.

So, basically, we’ve learned that gambling is pretty cool but somewhat dangerous leisure activity, but we may have missed the technicalities and the real rules of the games. If you want to learn more about the most luxurious pastime but also learn some important life and gambling lessons, take a seat and get prepared. You’re about to find some great film suggestions to watch over the weekend.

Lesson: At Times, Coping with What Life Has Dealt You Is Inevitable

Film: Hard Eight

This is one of the films that provides you with the setting of the casino, rather than the rules and content of gambling. That, of course, is not all, there’s an engaging story to it worth watching. It is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.


Lesson: Gambling Is an Art, Not a Bad Thing… If You Play Properly

Film: Holy Rollers – True Story of Card Counting Christians

A team of professional blackjack players will teach you the art of counting cards properly and win over the casino each time, while the filmmakers will leave a great impression on you due to the engaging unfolding of the story.


Lesson: Luck IS Necessary

Film: Mississippi Grind

If you’re a Ryan Reynolds fan, this is the film for you. It portrays what the life of pro poker players looks like and how they deal with their demons along the way.


Lesson: Research, Learn, Practice Then Gamble

Film: Moneyball

Although the movie is not directly related to casino gambling, it gives a great lesson about betting in general. Betting in any form requires research, data, and practice. So before you start betting big, try NetBet slots and make sure you practice for lower stakes. Watching this movie featuring Brat Pitt might be of great help as well.


Lesson: Serious Budget Management Is a Must

Film: Win It All

Don’t become an addict – manage your budget carefully. This is probably the first thing you learn from films, social media and well… casino players. Knowing when to quit and when to continue should depend on your budget. Never cross the limits.


Lesson: Poker Game Takes Time. Bet Smartly and as Long as Your Wins Prevail, You’re Good to Go

Film: Rounders

If you’re a poker player, then this is probably your favorite film ever. If you haven’t watched it, then drop whatever you’re doing and play it now. You’ll learn so much about the game of poker and you will most definitely get the desire to play a long, immersive round.


Lesson: You Gamble – You Lose. If You Cannot Handle It, Stop Wagering

Film: The Hustler

A fairly old movie, yet with an essential tip when it comes to gambling, and well… real life. It is a film that teaches you that you have to deal with both failure and success and you have to go through both in order to learn it.

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