EIFF 2011 – An Overview


So that’s it then. The credits have rolled, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and cinema staff in Edinburgh can stop being irritated by a swarm of people turning up at free screening after free screening to try and catch “the next big thing”.

EIFF 2011 was a strange beast. A lot had changed since last year, some major players had moved on and this was the first year without some kind of funding from the UK Film Council. The program was slimlined, the focus was on documentaries and . . . . . . . documentaries (they seemed to make up almost half of the schedule) and the whole city seemed ever so slightly quieter than it did last year.

But that doesn’t matter to us because our aim was the same – to see as many movies and get them reviewed as possible. I had John along for the ride this year and, between us, we still had some great moments. John’s highlight was, I’m sure, meeting the esteemed Bela Tarr and gaining an autograph while I had such fun interviewing Dominic Allan that I wish I’d caught that screening of Calvet in the first week as opposed to the second week.

Here are the movies.

The Guard

The Lion King


Tender Son – The Frankenstein Project

On The Shore

The Borrower Arriety

The Turin Horse

Perfect Sense and Perfect Sense


Phase 7 AKA Fase 7

Angels Crest plus a Q & A with Gaby Dellal here

Jack Goes Boating

The Last Circus

Truth About Men

Between Two Fires

Our Day Will Come

Off The Beaten Track

The Terminator

By Day And By Night

Calvet and an Interview With Dominic Allan

Bob Marley: The Making Of A Legend


Bobby Fischer Against The World

The Green Wave

Rabies and Rabies



The Divide


Page Eight

The Bang Bang Club

Charlie Casanova

American Translation

Let Us Be Golden

Meet Monica Velour


The Caller


Oliver Sherman

A Better Life

28 Days Later

And that is that. All that remains for me to do is, as ever, thank all of the wonderful staff involved (many volunteers help run the EIFF and do a sterling job), give a special thanks to both The Cameo and The Filmhouse, a huge thank you to the likes of Gaby Dellal and Dominic Allan for their time and . . . . . . . . . I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.


  1. Patrick Gamble says

    So what were you top 5 of the festival Kevin?

    Mine were

    1.The Last Circus
    2. Calvet
    3. Tomboy
    4. Turin Horse
    5. Rabies

  2. Kevin Matthews says

    I think I’d have to go for:

    1. The Last Circus.

    2. Calvet.

    3. Bobby Fischer Against The World.

    4. The Caller.

    5. Phase 7.


  3. Olly Buxton says

    props to you dudes – that is a marathon moviefest. well done!

  4. Patrick Gamble says

    gutted I missed Bobby Fischer, will have to try and catch it on general release

  5. Kevin Matthews says

    The Filmhouse had a screening of it lined up last week or so, just after the festival had finished, so keep an eye on your local independent cinema listings 🙂

  6. Patrick Gamble says

    Found it, it’s playing on the other side of town, hidden in the listings behind the numerous Harry Potter showings.

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