Scene Stealer: Fight Club’s Vibrating Luggage


Where to start with Fight Club? It remains a film of iconic imagery, vitriolic dialogue and none-more-black humour in which David Fincher (Gone Girl, The Social Network) channels his music video-making experience with short, sharp scenes that stand together effectively but also make an impact independently. Exhibit A: The vibrating luggage scene.

You don’t need to hit rock bottom or join Project Mayhem to appreciate the exchange between The Narrator (Edward Norton) and an Airport Security Officer regarding some suspiciously vibrating suitcases. It’s all too real if you’ve gotten grief at customs for carrying something you should have left at home. (Not us, obvs!)

The true scene stealer here though, is Bob Stephenson. Carrying the scene with a performance that straddles both dead-pan delivery and OTT theatrics, he’s enough to make you look forward to losing your luggage.

Don’t believe me, just watch…


DIRECTOR:David Fincher
STARS: Edward Norton, Bob Stephenson
RUNTIME: 2 hrs 19

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