Scene Stealer – Hot Shots! Part Deux


How many Comedies are in your Top 10 movies list? Probably not many.

Sure, there are your Shaun of the Dead‘s and your Holy Grails, but there’s something about a Comedy that makes them a difficult sell over time: the laughs wane, the shocks desensitise and they become sentimental rather than side-splitting.

But some comedies are immune to these trappings and still have the ability to make us ROFL or even LOFAO. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) is one such comedy. Here, Charlie Sheen’s Topper Harley gets some back seat lovin’ from beauty-spotted Michelle Rodham Huddleston (Brenda Bakke), much to the delight of the limo driver (a scene-stealing Tony Edwards). Ready?

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Jim Abrahams & Pat Proft/Jim Abrahams
STARS: Charlie Sheen, Brenda Bakke, Tony Edwards
RUNTIME: 1hr26

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