Scene Stealer: Oldboy (2003)


Dae su Oh (Min-sik Choi) is imprisoned in an makeshift cell without any clue as to why or who is responsible. Over 15 years he trains himself, improving his strength and pain threshold, whilst live octopus provides the protein. Finally, upon his release he receives a series of baiting clues which promise to lead him to his captor and a dark, terrible truth. But not before he is confronted by a corridor full of very dangerous men.

Beautiful in it’s brutality and as chaotic as it is choreographed, you don’t know whether to laugh or wince. The single take tracking shot makes the fight seem everlasting, adding to the realism of what is otherwise an unbelievable situation. Although greatly outnumbered, as the tide turns and the hoard is left in a writhing pile, you can’t help but share Dae su Oh’s smile.


WRITER/DIRECTOR: Garon Tsuchiya/Chan-wook Park
STARS: Min-sik Choi,
South Korea


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