Scene Stealer: Phone Booth’s Little Tantrum


Now, there’s no need to throw a tantrum, but nothing good ever comes from using a phone box. Or a phone booth.

Unless you’re Superman, you’re either in trouble or you’re looking for trouble. The same can be said for Colin Farell’s Stu Shepard in Phone Booth (2002) as he uses this particular phone box every day to call his ‘twinkie in the city’, played by Katie Holmes. Yeah, that was a Friends reference.

This time however, someone’s watching and wants to play a little game: stay in the phone both or die. Batman’s arch nemesis Joel Schumacher ramps up the tension with an armed response unit ready to engage, a ticking timer in the background and a phone that’s ringing off the hook. 

If you can take it, have a look…

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Larry Cohen/Joel Schumacher
STARS: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Radia Mitchell, Forest Whitaker,
RUNTIME: 1hr21

Can you think of a scene that’s as tense as this? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter and it might just make the Scene Stealers. *hangs up*

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