Scene Stealer: Spider-Man 3


Amidst dueling comments of “the best Spidey ever” and “It’s Iron Man 4”, Spider-Man Homecoming has reinvigorated the Webbed Wonder. The collective sighs that accompanied news of another reboot seem a distant memory as plans for the franchise finally fall into place.

Spider-Man 3

With that being said, previous Peter Parkers shouldn’t become distant memories themselves, so let’s celebrate a truly memorable moment from the otherwise much-maligned Spider-Man 3 (2007).

Spider-Man 3Tobey Maguire clearly has a blast, creating equal parts eye rolls, equal parts LOLS as he does his best Saturday Night Fever moves through NYC. Contamination by the symbiote later known as Venom sees Peter Parker (Maguire) go full Emo: all floppy fringe, none-more-black outfit and guy-liner for an iconic Spidey moment. No Iron Man necessary.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Sam and Ivan Raimi/sam Raimi
STARS: Tobey Maquire, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace
RUNTIME: 2hr19

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