Scene Stealer – The Power Loader


In Aliens (1986) there are a plethora of scenes to choose from – all equally remarkable, memorable and captivating – yet the scene in question holds something over the others which alone could all fill an entire year’s worth of Scene Stealers.  But it is not because of that classic line, so heavily (over?) quoted.  Instead the final battle scene between Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley (Sigorney Weaver) and the Queen alien herself is mostly stolen by an inanimate object.  A huge one. Consider it the Power Loader.

Flash back to the serene Gateway near the beginning the film: Ripley learns how to use a Caterpillar 5000 Power Work Loader then later bemuses both Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Apone (Al Matthews) by successfully using the it to move cargo to “Bay Twelve, please”.  Few may think why this is quite a pivotal, linked scene. Yet it goes some way to making the final battle so much more stunning – the Power Loader, just another piece of technology for moving boxes and crates, clearly pushes well above it’s hefty weight and coupled with Ripley’s growth to ultimate warrior, ensures that this is a final showdown never to be forgotten.  You can be sure that Weyland Yutani had not expected the Power Loader to be used to such great effect.

So, why does the Power Loader deserve the accolade of being a scene stealer?  How could it not?  The machine took down (with some help of Ripley) a Queen Xeno.  Compare that to the colonial Marines who, lets face it, as awesome as they are, got owned in their first encounter.  The Loader packs some seriously cool devices too – the small burner certainly comes in handy – perhaps Hicks could have kept that “handy for close encounters”.

Observe Ripley eye the Loader with intent – she knows how bad-ass it is; she sees the potential it has – and you would not want to argue with Ripley now, would you?

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