So What’s In A Title, Anyway?


They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” which makes me question what’s in a title, anyway?

Well, two things: just who exactly are they…and it’s pretty hard to ignore first impressions. That trusted yet over-used saying is the catalyst for this article. What would happen if you judged a film purely on the title given to it?

Maybe you would ignore it completely, judging not on the actors or reviews but just on your first impression of the title. Could you predict what the plot of the film might be based just on its title? Maybe this will make you reconsider some films because you wrote them off before giving them a chance…maybe it’ll just ease a few minutes away. Either way, below are some alternate takes on what these films might be about…

The Last Stand (2013)

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the last lemonade stand owner in the entire USofA. In a small-town competition is fierce with many being pipped to the post. Faced with a diminishing demand for the bitter fizzy drink, Arnie has to reach new depths if he wishes to regain his long lost daughter’s love and respect. On the brink of disaster, he enlists the help of seasoned Stand owner Forest Whitaker, to boost the profits and demand for lemonade. Just as the business picks up, a new stand rolls into town: the ensuing blood-bath fight scenes will go down in cinema history. Will Arnie truly have the Last Stand or will he be beaten to a pulp (sorry)?

Dirty Dancing (1987)

It started off as just another ordinary summer break; the holiday of a lifetime. Patrick Swayze stars alongside Jennifer Grey in this feisty dance competition. The pair embark on an epic dance journey and travel the breadth of America in search for the ultimate dance song. Things go from bad to worse for the pair when an unexpected rainstorm hits their final competition night: dry soil becomes mud. The dancing just got a whole lot more dirty.  Will they win the competition and be crowned Dance Champions? Will they recognise true love is just a twirl away? Dirty Dancing is available on DVD now.

Rocky (1976)

A romantic-comedy centred on two individuals in love, set in the stunning Rocky Mountains (including a fictional city with an iconic set of steps), Rocky is a sure win for that lonely, cold winter night. Stallone is an up-and-coming mountain climb instructor who falls for his best friend’s sister. Like the named mountains, their relationship is certainly rocky and both struggle to understand each other with some heart-warming moments interspersed with humour. Stallone receives an opportunity he cannot afford to miss if he wants to become that elusive Mountain Climber Champion Instructor. Witty one-liners, old-timers, bitter rivalries and of course, true love: Rocky has it all. Just one thing remains to be seen; will Stallone manage to win it all?

American Pie (1999)

It’s getting close to Prom night and a group of teenagers are at a complete loss for what to do with their futures. Then one teen named Jim (played by Jason Biggs) accidentally posts a video online of something he isn’t proud of… a secret home movie of him baking a cake inspired by British classic baking show “The Great British Bakeoff”. The video goes viral. Thrust into the baking world’s highest competition and meeting Mary Berry along the way, Jim must create the perfect American Pie with the help of his friends and some heroic advice from his father (Eugene Levy). Are they going to be eating humble pie by the end?  Find out on DVD now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

When a huge argument erupts in Hollywood over film rights, the repercussions resonate across the entire galaxy… of the film industry. Battle lines are drawn, weapons are at the ready and phasers are set to stun in the War of the (Movie) Stars. Focusing on the plight of Mark Hamill who has become jaded with the fame and recognition, friends Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher enlist the support of the Force – a group of Police (Daisy Ridley and John Boyega) who were mysteriously cryogenically frozen in carbonite a century earlier for supposedly being rebels. Will Ford and Fisher reunite with Hamill? Will the Force be successful in ending the war of all wars? Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens now on DVD to find out.


And there you have it – potential plots based on a bit of imagination and a film title, with some, already much improved! What film titles do you think might be misleading? And why? Comments down below…

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