‘Sound Bite’ Of The Week…Rian Johnson


Many happy returns go to Rian Johnson, Director of Star Wars:The Last Jedi, who celebrates his Birthday today.

But what do you get the man who has everything? Easy: free reign over a brand new Star Wars Trilogy, that’s what.

'Sound Bite' Of The Week...Rian Johnson

Talking to Vanity Fair, Johnson said, “What I pitched Kathy and Bob [Iger] and Alan [Horn] at Disney about that, they got excited about the idea of just a new story. Let’s strike out on new ground, a blank canvas, one big amazing emotionally resonant Star Wars story told over three movies where we go to new places, meet new people, tell a new tale. The potential of that is really tantalizing. But the truth is right now, that’s kind of where we’re at. I’m just starting to get tingles about what that could be.”

Well, this is awkward…where’s that gift receipt?


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