Spotlight on Dennis Hopper (1936-2010)


With the sad passing of the great Dennis Hooper (actor, filmaker and artist) having finally succumbed to prostate cancer at the age of 74, the flickfeast reviewers have come together to honour and celebrate the Hollywood legend’s life with a series of articles…

The American Friend (1977) by MRosa

Space Truckers (1996) and Waterworld (1995) by Tue Sorensen

Land Of The Dead (2005) by Kevin Matthews

River’s Edge (1986) by Justin Smith and finally the highlight of them all, also by Justin, the wonderful Dennis Hopper’s Top 10 Movie Roles

  1. Kevin Matthews says

    The more I am reminded of the great man’s range and quantity of movies, the more inadequate my own knowledge of his work seems but he was truly a guy who always made a mark in anything he did.

  2. Tue Sorensen says

    I’m on the verge of reviewing Waterworld, just for Hopper’s presence in it… 🙂

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