Stargate: Has the 1994 Sci-fi Stood The Test Of Time?

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Where to begin with Stargate (1994)?  Arguably one of the finest sci-fi action films to survive the 90s- take my word for it- it still holds up admirably well by today’s standards.  Mixing the ancient history of Egypt, aliens, distant planets and portals, Stargate has it all.  Plus Kurt Russell.

The film opens with a discovery the likes of which have never been seen before; a huge circle with strange markings around the outside.  Intriguing enough.  Fast forward to “modern day”, we get our first glimpse of bumbling archaeologist and linguist, Dr Daniel Jackson (James Spader) who’s theories aren’t well-received yet gets offered the chance to prove those theories right.  Does he take it?Stargate

A team of soldiers led by Colonel Jack O’Neil (Russell- The Hateful Eight) and Jackson enter into another world on a quest for knowledge and exploration.  Upon entering the other planet they become stranded and must find the symbols to return home.  They encounter a human tribe, false gods and have to fight for their lives, cue some witty one-liners.Stargate

Originally criticised for an overuse of effects, Stargate has indeed aged with time, but this is to be expected considering the evolution of films in over 20 years.  Having said that, the film still holds up to audiences perhaps of an older generation or those too young to notice.  Either way, the effects do not detract from enjoying the thin story-line (since when did an action film really need a story?).Stargate

Some criticize the reactions to successfully operating the Stargate, citing them as unrealistic- wonder and awe are left back on earth to make way for O’Neil’s, “Track down signs of any possible danger. If I find any, blow up the stargate,” which back in the 90s, was all a kid wanted really.  And yes, the film does end with a final fight between the soldiers and ‘gods’ while a ticking bomb denotes a close end (including red count-down).  Sure there are more cliches than you can throw a spanner at, but at the end of the day, Stargate represents a good old action film which should be watched to be enjoyed.

Perhaps it is the misty eyes of nostalgia talking, but Stargate is still a great film, especially for those Sunday afternoons when you just do not know what to do and with the rumoured reboot trilogy and new series delayed, get your fix of Stargate sci-fi with this.

Is it worth watching still?  Most certainly.  Disagree?  Why not give it a watch and see if that changes your mind- leave your comments in the box below.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime from June.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich
STARS: Kurt Russell, James Spader,
RUNTIME: 1 hour 56 minutes

Film Rating: ★★★★☆


  1. Ben Berwick says

    The film may not have been perfect but it spawned the wonderful SG1 series, so I’m grateful for its existence 🙂

  2. Robb Sheppard says

    I’ve never even seen this. I think it came out when I was ‘too cool’ for Sci-Fi.’ Unless it was Star Wars or Alien

  3. Joe Bull says

    Wow! I was never ‘too cool’ sadly! Worth a watch- I watched it again not long after watching it to write this piece.

  4. Joe Bull says

    The series was good, I’ll admit that- it had me hooked for quite some time. Always been a fan of the film.

  5. Robb Sheppard says

    It’s worth mentioning that I was also full into Star Trek. So take the ‘too cool’ comment very lightly.

  6. Joe Bull says

    Taken very lightly indeed! Captain’s Log…Star-date….

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