There’s always something slightly spooky about lighthouses: their isolation, the wildness usually found in the surrounding area, or simply their sense of vulnerability to the elements.  Whatever it is, the aura of a lighthouse makes it a tailor-made setting for a horror film, and has done countless times over the years.



All of which is ideal for the disturbing new thriller, Dark Beacon, released later this year.  Directed by Coz Greenop, and starring April Pearson, Lynne Anne Rodgers, Toby Osmond, Jon Campling and Kendra Mei, the film focuses on a love triangle between Beth (Rodgers), her husband Christian (Campling) and friend Amy (Pearson), climaxing in an isolated and lonely lighthouse with typically tragic results.



The new trailer casts further light on what promises to be an intense and chilling visual experience.






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