Welcome to Flickfeast’s Stanley Kubrick Season



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to KubrickFeast: a month-long celebration of all things Kubrickian, via the very finest original features that Flickfeast has to offer!

First of all though, why Stanley Kubrick? Easy. If you’re into film, there’s every chance it’s because of him.

His cinematic sway is seen through genres and generations. From Sci-Fi to Action, Drama to Horror and Thriller to Comedy, few other directors can claim such an adaptability whilst still presenting work which is inimitably their own. Christopher Nolan owes him, Steven Spielberg owes him and so does Ridley Scott. Time for us to pay our dues.

So, what can you expect every day? We’ve been busy hunting down classic Kubrick locations and seeing how they’ve fared and we examine Kubrick’s ability to persuade conventional studios to distribute controversial films. We’ve dived into the controversy around adapting Lolita and we’ve also hired an absolute idiot to try and make sense of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

You can pit your wits against Flickfeast’s Editor-In-Chief by taking on the Kubrick Quiz and you may marvel at our exclusive Kubrickian artwork from Jamie Anderson Art. We’ll be asking you guys to get creative and there’ll be the opportunity to win some top notch prizes along the way, including Funko Pops and DVDs! All that alongside the usual filmy fun you can find each month at Flickfeast such as Scene Stealers, Feast Fam and err…Flim Weakly.

So, if you enjoy something we’ve written, tell us. Better still, tell someone else. Join in the conversation across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and remember…you’ve always been the caretaker.

Robb Sheppard

Features Editor

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