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Come True (2020) – Film Review

In Come True, teenager Sarah opts in for a mysterious sleep study but is shocked when she learns the truth behind the strange examination of the participants’ dreams. The film’s retro vibes pulsate in the beautiful, electronic score and

80’s flashback ……..

If you want to relive those heady days of 80s club sounds as well as one of the greatest cult film experiences of that decade, the place to head this June is the Troxy in East London.  On the 26th of that month the biggest and best power…

Hasta La Vista … 80s

The Golden Age of the Schwarzenegger Actioner There’s just something about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether it’s literal screen presence, borderline parody performance or off – kilter humour, he is one of the biggest ‘stars’ Hollywood has…

The Escape Artist (1982)

This relatively unknown 80’s movie, the directorial debut of renowned cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, starts off with great promise and packs a seemingly intriguing central concept. As the film gets going however, it becomes…