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7500 (2020) – Film Review

Make sure your seat and tray table are in an upright position, your seatbelt is securely fastened and your mobile device is definitely not in Airplane mode for high-altitude thriller 7500. 7500 is the code used to alert air traffic

The Captain (2020) Film Review

The cinematic inspiration for the real-life ominous May 2018 Sichuan Airlines flight 8633 is depicted so effectively in filmmaker Andrew Lau's hair-raising, high-in-the-sky action thriller The Captain. A notable cross between Clint

Top Ten 80s Comedies

It was only when I came to compile this list that I realised just how many of my favourite movies fall into the ‘80s comedy’ bracket. The decade was an extremely strong one for comedies with the likes of Murray, Akroyd and Martin all…