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Dolittle (2020) Film Review

Talking animals may be a cute anecdote in family-friendly films for those that routinely find furry mouthpieces a hysterical happening...particularly for the impressionable kiddies that do not know any better but to embrace this kind of

Wild Beasts (1984)

Another killer animal movie, this one (from 1984) has a bit more going for it than most thanks to the carnage it tries to depict and the bizarre explanation of events. It’s also not one for animal lovers to watch, mainly due to the…

Day Of The Animals (1977)

Another crazed animal movie from director William Girdler (who provided audiences with surprise smash-hit, Grizzly, in the previous year), this time the man is providing us with his version of The Birds. It’s all to do with the depletion…