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The Way Back (2020) Film Review

Redemptive sports dramas often carry the burden of emotional despair and destruction and the usual formulaic cliches that come along with this genre. Director Gavin O'Connor's foray into uncontrollable addiction in the soul-searching

Justice League (2017)

After overcoming directorial changes, disappointing solo films and production hell, DC's Justice League finally makes it to the silver screen. However, after almost 50 years since their comic book debut, can the League cinematically compete…

The Accountant (2016)

After two disappointing outings as an antihero - in 2003’s disastrous Daredevil and this year’s overblown Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ben Affleck must be hoping it’s third time’s the charm with this clunky and transparent attempt…

No show without a host of stars

The winners at what is arguably the most prestigious film event of the year, would have you believe that they are the only really important people at the Oscars. However the majority of film stars know the odds of being chosen as a…