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Frozen 2 (2019) Film Review

In 2013, Disney released their 53rd animated feature, Frozen, which was their take on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. The film became a huge hit, inspiring millions of girls to ‘let it go’ and earning more than $1.2 billion at the

Two hit wonder?

Like all major film studios Disney are never slow to capitalise on a good idea, though their sequels and follow-ups - at least where their animated features are concerned - are often released straight to DVD, or come in the form of shorts.…

Frozen (2013)

Not to be confused with THIS movie. Lots of people have been dying to tell you just how good Frozen is. It is, apparently, the best Disney film in years, with the best songs, too. I hate to be the one sourpuss, but . . . . . . . .…