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Spiral (2021) – Film Review

Chris Rock the unexpected name to continue the legacy of Jigsaw, as the star and executive producer of Spiral. Or Spiral: From The Book Of Saw to give it its overly long, franchise-tying and slightly pretentious title. Working in the

Grown Ups 2 (2013)

Remember a while ago when I grudgingly gave Grown Ups 4/10? If you've forgotten what I had to say about it then check out the review here. And then forget it. Because my good nature is being sorely tested lately, predominantly by people who…

Grown Ups (2010)

Adam Sandler is a comedy star and a brand nowadays and it’s rarely been clearer than in Grown Ups, a movie that seems to do little more than allow Sandler to hang out with some buddies and have some fun while the slightest of plots is hung…

Grown Ups (2010)

Adam Sandler is a talented comic actor with a mixed track record, successes like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are balanced out by misfires such as 50 First Dates and Click. Last year Sandler took a walk on the wild side with a more…