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EIFF 2019: Aniara (2018)

For a country known for Girls With Dragon Tattoos and Dancing Queens, Sweden asks you to take a chance on sci-fi epic Aniara. And this winner takes it all as it is one of the best films screened at the Edinburgh International Film

EIFF 2019: Astronaut (2019)

2019 sees the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing and writer-director Shelagh McLeod's debut feature Astronaut shows that the desire to reach for the stars remains strong. McLeod was inspired by the image of an old man at a

EIFF 2019: Yesterday (2019)

Yesterday. All of Jack Malik's troubles seemed so far away. After A Hard Day's Night and a freak worldwide blackout, struggling musician Jack finds that, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life goes on and he is the only person that remembers the music

The Fat and The Angry (2014)

As one of the unintentional blunders of Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014, director Johan Renck’s Swedish language television epic The Fat and The Angry became lost in translation after a subtitle problem left dissatisfied punters…

EIFF 2014: Teen Spirit Shorts

Handpicked by the Edinburgh Film Festival ‘young programmers’ team, the Teen Spirit Shorts programme collected the best in international short films representing teenage experiences across boundaries of class, religion and history. As one…