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Mankind (2019) Film Review

"The two lovers’ back and forth wouldn’t seem out of place in any domestic drama, and yet they cleverly subvert the context. Will isn’t leaving Evan for another person, but another planet: perhaps the most definitive goodbye there can be."

LONDON 2015 – The Here After (2015)

Two years after an intimate tragedy shot tremors through a rural Swedish community, teenager John (Ulrik Munther) is released from a high security institute, and embraced by his father. The wide shot in which this happens could represent …

She’s Funny That Way (2014)

Peter Bogdanovich has directed some great movies in his career. The Last Picture Show is a particular favourite of mine, but it's worth remembering the likes of What's Up, Doc? and Paper Moon. Some have a soft spot for Targets, and he…

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015, days 1-3

OPENING NIGHT The sunny weather came out just in time on Friday afternoon. After a rather hectic hour or so standing in queues to get passes and tickets (though it seemed everyone had the same idea as us and arrived on the Thursday…