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LFF 2020 – Honeymood (2020)

The honeymoon period ends quickly as a newlywed couple embark on a wild odyssey on their wedding night in Honeymood. Weddings are meant to be the happiest day of a couple's life. However what about the night immediately following the

EIFF 2014: The Overview

We came, we saw, we saw more, and we saw lots and lots more. Yes, as you may have already noticed, it was that most wonderful time of year again. The Edinburgh International Film Festival. As a resident Edinburgher, I always try to make the…

Honeymoon (2014)

When Honeymoon started up I immediately began to wonder what was going on. Not due to the actual events of the movie, which are quite simple and easy to follow, but due to the fact that two British stars were clearly having to use wobbly…