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Starfish (2019) Film Review

In his feature debut, writer-director A.T. White takes his own personal experiences and creates a film that is more than just your archetypal sci-fi horror drama. The world of the protagonist, Aubrey (Virginia Gardner), has come to an

The Female Gaze

"Fear isn’t something that we get to go through many times, and it’s an emotion full of adrenaline, excitement and sheer terror. It’s something that is completely different to any other emotion because it causes us to react in ways we might…

Hell Fest (2018) Film Review

Hell Fest features the perfect setting for a slasher, where monsters lurk round every corner waiting for unsuspecting victims to cross their paths. Of course, it’s all just for fun and no one is supposed to get hurt, but in Hell Fest, one…

USA Renews ‘The Purge’ For Season 2

The popular horror series The Purge was brought to the small screen this summer on USA with a 10 episode first season. On Election Day fans of the series can rejoice knowing that the series will return for a second season. The 10 episode…