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EIFF 2019: Astronaut (2019)

2019 sees the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing and writer-director Shelagh McLeod's debut feature Astronaut shows that the desire to reach for the stars remains strong. McLeod was inspired by the image of an old man at a

Source Code (2011)

After the surprise success of his meditative sci-fi winner Moon two years ago, it was tough to deduce where Duncan Jones would next apply his directorial skills. With his follow-up Source Code , Jones has opted to stay true to his original…

Source Code (2011)

I really enjoyed Duncan Jones’ feature debut, the low budget, high concept sci-fi Moon. Perhaps a little too much, as I raved about it so much that I think some of my friends suspected me and Mr Jones had a thing going on (sorry). So when…

Moon (2009)

Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do... If ever there were a debut with an elephant in the room this is it. And, here, it's an elephant which no-one seems to want to acknowledge: not the director, not the marketers, and…