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Make Up (2019) – Film Review

Claire Oakley's debut feature Make Up is an absorbing and compelling mystery, anchored by a dazzling turn by Molly Windsor. Anyone who has ever seen The Shining can attest to the fact that a hotel or holiday camp empty of guests can

Closure (2019) Film Review

Writer-director Alex Goldberg ("Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow") accomplished something very special with his quirky dark comedy Closure that could have been another run-of-the-mill observation of the West Coast breeziness steeped in the

American Gods (2017)

We've all been there: your generic TV HD recording box is at critical mass; your streaming service sits unused, yet you're considering signing up for the rival's free trial so you can watch that new show you keep hearing all about. American…

Personal Shopper (2016)

Personal Shopper's reputation rightfully precedes it: Not for it's Indie credentials that stem from having French director Olivier Assayas at the helm; not for it's ambiguous (misleading?) title and genre-straddling subject matter, but for…

The Witch (2015)

Sparse, fantastically eerie and boasting a hellish sense of isolation, this understated horror from debutante Robert Eggers is hypnotically unpleasant and absolutely superb. There’s such a peculiar sense of otherworldliness at work here,…

Mr. Holmes (2015)

He scorns the deerstalker, shuns the pipe and tuts his way through inaccurate cinematic depictions. 93 year old Sherlock Holmes is not a man at ease with the legend grown up around him. Frail of body and mind, he also desperately wants to…