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Trespassers (2019) Film Review

The home invasion genre is once again visited but with a potent twist of debauchery and deception in the slight but transfixing indie psychological thriller Trepassers. Director Orson Oblowitz ("The Queen of Hollywood Blvd") conjures up an

The Guest (2014)

Movies have done a lot to harm friendly relations, although the Peterson family clearly hasn’t seen enough. If you live in a small town and a stranger knocks on the door, the first reaction should by now be suspicion. If they happen to be…

Enemy (2013)

Some films let it all hang out on first viewing; others play coy demanding you get to know them a little better first. Enemy, the other half of a collaboration between Canadian director Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal that…

Dictado (2012)

Daniel (Juan Diego Botto) and wife Laura (Bárbara Lennie) seem happy together but are struggling to have a baby. Laura is desperate and is determined she will have a child. One day when Daniel is at work he is visited by an old friend Mario…