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Wake (2019) Film Review

Love. Death. Fear. Parenthood. Companionship. Angst. Trauma. All these one-worded sentiments are skillfully woven into the seriocomical mixture of director Cyrus Mirakhor's inventively off-kilter dramedy Wake. Ambitiously witty and oddly

Flim Weakly Review- Atonement

Jean Luc Godard once said “Film is truth, 24 frames per second.” Now, I don’t know what that means, but I do know it's wrong. Atonement cannot be truth, because it's made of film, and truth is made of emotions or something. I also don’t

Red Sparrow (2018) Film Review

The concept of the Sparrows - attractive female spies trained to use their sexuality to compromise male targets - sounds like something that would be right at home in farcical espionage literature. Remember Xenia Onatopp from GoldenEye?

Gods Own Country (2017)

A story of love in the Yorkshire Dales rains down on its gloomy and lonely existence in the vast sprawling hills of homosexual encounters in first time director, Francis Lee’s Gods Own Country with a fierce yet calm ferocity reminiscent of…

A Ghost Story (2017)

Expectations of David Lowery’s A Ghost Story before embarking on the picture, to most, are that of a horror story, but this tender circle of eternity love story couldn’t be further from the normal perception of a horror story. The horror…