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The Way Back (2020) Film Review

Redemptive sports dramas often carry the burden of emotional despair and destruction and the usual formulaic cliches that come along with this genre. Director Gavin O'Connor's foray into uncontrollable addiction in the soul-searching

The Armstrong Lie (2013)

How did Lance Armstrong, a competitor in a sport hardly awash with superstars, ever reach icon status? He did it because he was a cancer survivor, a miracle story of hope, he did it because he was the best cycling had ever seen, and now we…

Save Your Legs! (2012)

Boyd Hicklin directs this touching, though only intermittently funny and rather crass comedy about boyhood dreams and hopes falling under the wheels of middle age and responsibility. Teddy Brown (Stephen Curry) is a thirty-five year old…

The Fighter (2010)

Boxing movies are predictable. Drug addiction movies are predictable. Inspiring true stories are predictable. My next sentence is very predictable: The Fighter is annoyingly predictable. But it’s an enjoyable movie. Storytelling clichés…