The Silent Child hits the Telly


Oscar winning The Silent Child (2017) is due to be shown on BBC 1 on Good Friday (30th March, 2018) at 19:00 (GMT)  giving UK viewers the first chance to watch it.  And watch it you should.

Written and directed by ex-Hollyoaks stars Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton, the 20-minute film tells of a young deaf girl who struggles to communicate in a middle-class family.  From start to finish, The Silent Child is simply and emotionally powerful.  Loaded with many themes from neglect, unawareness and social care, it encapsulates the struggles of children – and people – who are unable to hear.

Shenton, who stars as the social worker Joanne, was inspired to write the story based on her personal experiences.  This comes through with the hard-hitting manner in which you witness Libby’s (the deaf girl) struggles with life.  There are moments in the film which will make you boil with anger; such like most reactions to the mother’s (perfectly cast as Rachel Fielding)  choices and blatant ignorance.  Yet, on the other hand, there are so many heart-warming moments which will make your eyes glisten with sympathetic tears- the first breakthrough in communication between social worker and child.  Wow, that still brings back a shudder.

With hopes of turning their short into a feature-length film, Shenton and Overton (now engaged) could be onto a winner once more.  With more attention, the lives of those suffering hearing-loss could improve.  This short showcases the dire need for understanding.  Moreover, the fact that Shenton signed at her Oscar acceptance “speech” left many touched.  Here’s hoping that the exposure will benefit lives.

Tune in to BBC 1 on Good Friday. But be prepared to have some tissues at the ready.  I know I will.

Still unsure?  Check out Joe Bull’s review here.  Get yourself inspired and find out more about the film here at the official film’s website.

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    Awesome! I can’t wait for this!

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