The Good Liar (2019) Film Review

Who says that firepower at the box office is only ignited when dynamic faces under age forty are solely featured? The onscreen pairing of radiant Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren and the distinguished Ian McKellen will beg to differ as

Gemini Man (2019) Film Review

When last seen on the big screen this year the omnipresent Will Smith was a decorative bright blue genie granting whimsical wishes in the live action edition of Disney's treasured Aladdin. In director Ang Lee's suspenseful sci-fi thriller

Closure (2019) Film Review

Writer-director Alex Goldberg ("Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow") accomplished something very special with his quirky dark comedy Closure that could have been another run-of-the-mill observation of the West Coast breeziness steeped in the

Wake (2019) Film Review

Love. Death. Fear. Parenthood. Companionship. Angst. Trauma. All these one-worded sentiments are skillfully woven into the seriocomical mixture of director Cyrus Mirakhor's inventively off-kilter dramedy Wake. Ambitiously witty and oddly

Low Low (2019) Film Review

Writer/director/co-producer Nick Richey's vastly affecting and perceptive coming-of-age youthful feminine fable Low Low is a poignant and stark observational glare at the meaty malaise of four Northwestern-based high school female friends

Luz (2019) Film Review

German writer-director Tilman Singer is at the helm of a hell-raising and hypnotic horror showcase in a feature debut that sizzles, rattles, and bewilders. Singer's Luz may be indescribable to pinpoint as far as demonic possession