Loqueesha (2019) Film Review

As with other yearly movie seasons, summertime 2019 was no different in terms of serving up interminable entertainment that actively tests our patience, intelligence, and appreciation for cockeyed comedies. Indeed, comedian Jeremy Saville

Bloodshot (2020) Film Review

NEWSFLASH: Vin Diesel is in an action thriller that does not require him to be fast or furious with the gear shift while burning rubber on the cluttered streets. However, Diesel is powered as a modified machine-like assassin in the

The Hunt (2020) Film Review

Director Craig Zobel's shoddy survivalist exploitation flick The Hunt asks the impending question: what if this squeamish vehicle surrounding a dozen of so-called hunted undesirables was a derivative take on The Most Dangerous Game theme

The Way Back (2020) Film Review

Redemptive sports dramas often carry the burden of emotional despair and destruction and the usual formulaic cliches that come along with this genre. Director Gavin O'Connor's foray into uncontrollable addiction in the soul-searching

Burden (2020) Film Review

Hollywood has had its fair share of tackling the societal pariah known as racism in potent melodramatic narratives meant to reinforce the passion and poison behind such inhumane atrocities. Although some of these "based-on-a-true-story"

Swallow (2020) Film Review

There is no doubt that feminist angst-ridden themes of psychological complexities resonate when striking the truthful foundation of a troubled woman wounded soulfully through her haunting spirit. Writer-director Carlo Mirabella Davis'

Seberg (2020) Film Review

One can never get tired out of the sordid expose' of Hollywood trappings rich with scandalous accounts of freaky sex, over-indulgent drug abuse and alcoholism, the casting couch practices, diversity misrepresentation, seedy payoffs...the